Benn Benjamin and Hana Wilde

Edible and visual feasts: performance, events, and catering, celebrating food, the body, and queer culture.

We set up the Veg Queens in 2016 to create an inclusive and celebratory alternative to dominant food culture, in response to our experiences as a chef and a baker in the industry. Through our events, we raise money for social justice projects, particularly refugee organisations in Glasgow. We work with local artists, LGBTQ groups and social justice organisations.

See below for examples of our work, including:

GRIMM’S TALES: A Grimm Feast with Fallope and the Tubes and Milk Cafe, October 2017

OPEN WIDE with Fallope and the Tubes, Buzzcut festival April 2017

Scottish Refugee Council fundraiser, Milk Cafe, September 2016




bakery47 and Locavore, Glasgow 2016

A workshop exploring the use of foodstuffs as dyes, from kitchen to colour: using resist techniques to create pattern, turning vegetable scraps, spices and food waste into an array of edible colour.